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Honest Tulo Mattress Review (2 Weeks) | Bed in a Box

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Tulo Mattress Review


4.0 out of 5 stars
Price: $850 for a King (We paid $599 at Mattress Firm during a sale)
Type: Medium Firmness
Best for: Multi-position sleepers on a budget

Ever since Brandon and I moved into our townhouse, I’ve been looking for a new bed. The bed we were sleeping on a previously belongs to my in-laws and being that this is our first home as a married couple I figured it was time to get our own bed. Plus, I’ve been wanting to upgrade to a king-sized bed from a queen. Brandon takes up a lot of space and the little space I end up with I end up sharing with Solo.

So, we finally got a King-sized bed!

Firmness & Comfort

It’s not perfect, but so far I love it!

We bought the medium firmness Tulo mattress. Obviously, what you like in firmness may differ from what I like in firmness.

Brandon and I are side sleepers but I also sleep on my back a fair amount of time and he sleeps on his stomach a fair of time. Softer beds are better for side sleepers to prevent shoulder and hip pain but firm beds are better for back and stomach sleepers to keep their spine aligned. So we opted for the medium so we could still sleep how we wanted.

We’ve been sleeping on this bed now for two weeks and neither of us have any complaints about pain. It’s still perfectly firm enough for me when I sleep on my back. On days that my back is hurting, I get into bed and it’s firm enough that I can feel everything realigning.

When I sleep on my side, I would probably prefer something a tiny bit softer, but as I said before I haven’t had any pain with it yet.

Tulo Mattress Specs

Is it weird sleeping on an all-foam mattress?

No! Not at all!

Tulo is a foam mattress but it isn’t really a memory foam mattress, I wouldn’t say. There is technically a memory foam layer, according to their website but I don’t feel it very much. It doesn’t have that sinking, stuck-in-the-mud feeling.

I have only ever slept on a traditional mattress and when I tested out memory foam mattresses in-stores I hated the feeling. If you’re nervous about having a foam mattress I wouldn’t be with this one.

What I don’t enjoy about memory foam mattresses is how stuck you feel once you’re in bed. There’s no bounce to the bed at all in a memory foam bed.

While I wouldn’t say it’s got the same bounce as a traditional bed, it does have some bounce to it (at least the medium does. I can’t speak to the firm or soft mattress).

Mattress Temperature?

The first couple nights I felt like I was burning up on this mattress, BUT my parents were also in town and we were keeping the house at 73 degrees because they were so freezing cold (they’re from Hawaii and not used to anything below 80). So it was warm in our house in general.

Other than the first two nights I can only think of one other night that I felt too hot while sleeping. I haven’t gotten any complaints from Brandon about being too hot, and he is an extremely hot sleeper so perhaps it isn’t too bad. That or he hasn’t thought about it being the bed’s fault.

I’ll keep you guys updated on if it sleeps hot in the summer time. That’ll be the true test — if it can keep cool in the Arizona summer heat.

I’m hoping to check-in regularly on how this mattress holds up so if you have any questions you’d like answered leave me a comment! I’ll try to address any questions or issues in future posts!