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Best Wet N Wild Beauty Products

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Best Wet N Wild Products

If you’re a beginner at makeup, or you’re just looking for something affordable but still great quality, Wet N Wild is a great drugstore brand to checkout.

Their eyeshadow palettes (and everything else for that matter) is highly pigmented, the brand stays up-to-date on popular makeup trends, and their prices are pretty unbeatable.

Wet N Wild has always been one of my favorite drugstore makeup brands since the beginning of my makeup-wearing days.

Below are the best Wet N Wild products I’ve used in 2018 to give you a better understanding of which products are worth the hype from this brand.

MegaCushion Foundation in Honey Beige $8.99

This is a medium-coverage foundation that is incredibly-easy to use. The shade honey beige is perfect for me and warm-toned enough for my liking. It’s easy to apply, easy to blend, easy to build up coverage with. It’s not quite a dewy finish, but definitely not a matte finish. It’s very hydrating, without making my combination skin oily thanks to its coconut ingredients and it’s a such a mess-free product. I have to say that this is my favorite every-day foundation as of right now.

WetNWild Highlight.jpg

MegaGlo Highlighting Powder in Precious Petals ($4.99)

This highlighter powder is great for every-day use when you want a blinding highlight but don’t want to be “wasting” your $40 highlighter. I get so many compliments on my Instagram-worthy highlight when I wear it and people are pretty surprised when they find out it’s a $5 highlighter and not a fancy brand like BECCA or Anastasia.

It’s soft, blendable, and can build up to fulfill its “Mega” glo name.

MegaGlo Makeup Stick Contour in Call Me Maple ($3.99)

I first tried this product out because I kept seeing all these makeup videos of girls using cream contour to perfectly chisel out their cheekbones. I wanted to try out a cheaper cream contour to make sure I liked this makeup technique/method before investing in something more pricey.

Since then, I’ve tried out my sister’s ABH cream contour palette, but found this much easier to use so I just stuck with it! This product is about to be retired and put into my “empties” bag, but I’m definitely going to be repurchasing forever.

Like all other Wet N Wild products it’s highly pigmented, really creamy, has great color choices, and is so easy to use being that it’s in stick form. at $4 USD you really can’t beat it.

MegaGlo Contouring Palette in Caramel Toffee ($4.99)

This palette isn’t perfect — I prefer a cooler-toned contour — but for $5, it’s really hard to complain. It’s a warmer contour color, but in my experience it’s never been too orange looking or anything. Plus, as someone darker the banana colored brightening/finishing powder is so much better for my skin. White finishing powders tend to make me have a ghostly white-cast in photos and certain lighting.

WetNWild Products.jpg

MegaGlo Liquid Highlighter ($5.99)

This stuff is highlighter GOLD. If you’re wanting a liquid based highlighter to put under any powder highlight you have this is it. It ramps up the highlight properties of any powder. It’s a bit more difficult to use and blend but once you get the hang of it, it’s really no problem. The chunky doe-foot applicator is so cute and handy. Plus, you really only need a tiny, tiny bit whenever you use it. It’s easy to use too much of this stuff so be careful!

Below are the swatches for all the products above. From top to bottom: Contour stick, liquid highlighter, powder highlighter, and foundation.

WetNWild Swatches.jpg

Which are your favorite Wet N Wild products?