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Annual Family Vegas Trip

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Every year my family and I take a trip to Vegas for my mom’s birthday weekend. I’m about a month late on this post, but here it is finally!


Brandon and I both took Friday off so that we could try to get on the road early., We had scheduled to have a rental car ready for us at 8:30/9:00 am, but we found ourselves waiting around until 10:30 before we finally pitched a little bit of a fit, and we finally got our car at 11:30 am.

After a long process trying to get the stupid car, and a long, long drive from Tucson to Las Vegas, we finally made it to our hotel —- only to find out that we weren’t allowed to check in. -___-

It turns out because my parents had booked the room and hadn’t added me to the reservation, we couldn’t check in. My sister arrived around the same time and she couldn’t check into their room either. We were all so exhausted and were expecting to be able to check into our rooms and rest, but we couldn’t

By then it was past 6:00 pm and we knew our parent’s flight wouldn’t be getting in for another 5 hours so we were dreading it. We ended up walking around Fremont a little, had a couple of drinks and one of the bars, went back to our hotel to gamble a little, hung out and talked in one of the lounges, and tried our best to pass the time without spending too much money.

We look happy but in actuality we are exhausted.

We look happy but in actuality we are exhausted.

They finally got in at 11:30 pm, and by the time we got the whole hotel situation sorted out and in our names it was past midnight. We all just went up to our rooms, rested for a bit before going back down to spend time with our parents for a super late dinner

They usually sleep the whole flight over so they arrive excited and ready to go. But Brandon, my sister, her boyfriend, and I were all so exhausted. Usually when my parents get there we have a late-night dinner because the hotel has a great Ox Tail Soup that they only serve after 11 pm.

By the time we got done with “dinner” it was 2 am and we were exhausted so we went up to the room.



On Saturday we slept in a little bit (at least me, Brandon, my sister and her boyfriend did) to catch up on how exhausted we were previously. My parents were up early because they don’t really sleep much, especially when they’re in Vegas, but we had all planned to go to lunch at the Boiling Crab and to be there right when they open at 11 am. We had dinner plans at 5 pm for a buffet at Caesar’s Palace so we didn’t want to be too full for the buffet. My family doesn’t really do “light meals” so we knew we would be full for a long while after Boiling Crab.


At lunch we ordered some oysters, everyone pretty much got a pound of crab legs to themselves, and me and Brandon shared a pound of shrimp. Not a ton of pictures of Boiling Crab because it’s so messy but before we started eating my dad pulled out this nifty little tool below. LOL Still dying about it.

If you know anything about my dad you know that his catch phrase is practically, “I can make that! I can make that out of stainless steel!” So of course, one of the things my dad pulled out of his own homemade, stainless steel crab tool. It pretty much looks just like the blue one that the restaurant gave us. My sister and I couldn’t stop laughing.

After dinner we went to the Premium Outlets because my mom wanted to do some shopping. I ended up getting a new purse and wallet from Kate Spade — my favorite 😍— and my family did some light shopping but it got so hot we just had to get back to the hotel.

By that point I had a pounding headache and wasn’t feeling great. Once we got back to the hotel I took a short rest in bed but after a couple of hours we had to get up to get going for our dinner buffet plans.

At that point I realized that I was definitely sick — or at least something was wrong. I think it was mixture of me getting sick with being in the 100+ degree heat then immediately coming back to an icy-cold hotel room but I felt sick to my stomach. At dinner I couldn’t even really eat all that much which sucked because it was such a nice dinner!

After dinner we went to a comedy show in the Miracle Mile shops. The comedian was Filipino so my parents thought he was hilarious since they related so much. After the show we kind of just walked around the Miracle Mile Shops a little and shopped. I ended up buying some sunglasses from Quay that I am so in love with! They are my babies and I am so careful with them.

Pretty much after that we just went back to the hotel and hung out in the casino before going to bed.



The next morning I woke up and I immediately knew I was sick. I had a slight fever and my throat was killing me. I tried to tough it out so that we could have breakfast with my parents and spend some time with them before we left since we were leaving at noon.


Sunday was pretty uneventful. We just hung at the casino at our hotel until it was time to go, trying to get in some last bit of family time. Once we hit the road, I pretty much immediately fell asleep. I slept the entire drive from Vegas to Tucson, waking up on and off only for a few minutes at a time. By the time we got back to Tucson my throat was so sore I was convinced I had strep throat.

I ended up calling in sick the next day — I’m sure all my coworkers thought I was hungover — and went to Urgent Care. They swabbed me and I tested negative for strep throat but they said my throat was so inflamed they could see why I thought I might be getting it. They ended up prescribing me some antibiotics and I called out again on Tuesday. Great way to end a vacation right? LOL.

Hopefully my next one ends much better.