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My Relationship With Blogging

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I’ve been on the internet for years. I know the content creation world like an old friend who I’m constantly losing touch with then catching up and getting close with again.

I had my first “blog” in middle school and it’s been a long journey getting to where I am now. I feel like in order to understand my story and relationship with content creation, you really have to go back to the start of it all and follow the timeline.

Must Be Mo taking a break from exploring Portland to read in the park.


2004 — Middle School Mo starts here first blog on Xanga (anyone remember that?!) It was a diary-style blog documenting my angsty pre-teen life.

2009 — Freshman year of college. After not blogging all of high school, I start a new beauty blog on Blogger after being inspired by my sister’s beauty blog and all the free products she gets sent.

2010 (January) — After spending my entire freshman year of college watching endless YouTube videos and discovering the wizard rock and nerdfighter fandom on YT, I decide to start the new year off by starting YouTube channel. I switch focus completely to YouTube and share a channel with my best friend, AJ.

2010 (September) — Months later, I start missing my beauty blog. I start a second channel, focused entirely on beauty. This is right around the initial rise of huge YouTube influencers.

2010 (December) — AJ and I have pretty much stopped posting to our joint-channel. While she’s not super interested in YouTube anymore, I decide to start my own lifestyle channel and continue on. This is during what I call YouTube’s “ukulele era.”

2011 (August) — I started another YouTube channel after going through a “rebrand.” This is the YouTube channel I still use now to this day (although it’s gone through multiple rebrands since)

2013 (April) — I start a new blog on Weebly after being inspired by countless travel blogs and food blogs I’ve been reading. I start posting about recipes, my life, beauty, and books. I slowly begin switching my focus back to blogging

2014 (March) — I decide to take all my content from my Weebly blog and move to Blogspot so that I can take blogging more seriously. I switch my focus almost entirely to blogging and begin posting multiple times a week.

2015-2017 — I go back and forth between blogging and YouTube. I see a huge jump in growth for the first time and start really trying to push growing my channel, blog, and Instagram but I can never stay consistent enough.

2018 — Around August of this year, I kind of stopped doing YouTube and blogging. I felt really burnt out and all-around disgusted by the fake, superficial world it’s become. I decided to quit blogging and YouTube. I shut down my old blogspot blog and stop posting to my channel.

PRESENT DAY — It’s now November and I’ve “quit” content creation for a whole 3 months before I came crawling back. I’m back, but ready for a change.

Reflecting on my journey

I know that there are parts of the blogging, vlogging, and content creation world that is fake and superficial. I know that there are influencers out there who are entitled and think that their status as a blogger makes them better than. But, I also know that there are good bloggers out there. Bloggers who genuinely love sharing content that helps others.

I feel like recently blogging has become all about landing sponsorships and gaining revenue and fame for people. I quit blogging for a while because I saw myself falling into that same trap and I was so disgusted with myself.

During my hiatus, I was listening to a Podcast that featured a Beauty Blogger that I used to watch on YouTube in my college days. Emily Noel is a YouTuber who now has over a million subscribers. She’s best known for NEVER having done a brand deal in her entire YouTube career. She has never done a sponsored video and featured a sponsored product because she wants to ensure that all of her views know her content is authentic and 100% truthful. She’s also a former journalist and as I J-school kid I love that!

I hope that on my newest blogging journey I can stay down to Earth like her.

I’ve been fiddling around with the idea of taking that same stance from here on out. I haven’t made any formal decisions but I feel like money is what changes people in this game. This time around, I want to blog for me. Not for fame. Not for money. Not for status or for anyone else. I want it to be only because I feel like sharing and I want to help others. And I think making the decision to refuse any sponsorships or brand deals might help.

I’m still playing around with the idea, but I’m very highly interested in it.

I want to just make content, and assume that I’m never going to “make it big.” I don’t want to strive towards that goal anymore. I’ve been there, done that and it ruins people. I want to blog and be happy doing it even if nothing big ever happens for me. That way, if it does, it’ll just be a cherry on top.