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Disney Day Highlights

Mo Calderon

Last weekend was my girls’ trip to California and I don’t really feel like outline every day step-by-step so I thought instead I would just share some of my favorite memories from the trip, starting with Day 1 — Disney Day!

Disney-Bounding as Vanellope

One of my favorite things to do is Disneybound! Last time I was at Disney I went as Winnie the Poo and this time I went as Vanellope. Angella made me the most adorable hair clips to go with my Disneybound and it seriously made the entire outfit! At one point, one of the cast members at Disney even told me “Hi, Princess Vanellope!” It made my day!

Meeting Stormtroopers + Star Wars Land

I don’t have any digital photos of this happening, but I do have some on my disposable camera that I need to get developed. I have a photo of Amy sneaking behind the Stormtrooper to get a photo with them, and a photo of Angella talking to one of them. He asked her, “Can I see some identification?” and after some stuttering, Angella came out with “uh…oh…can I show you my Instagram?” Best response ever.

Riding Splash Mountain

Riding Splash Mountain with AJ, Mika, Angella, Taylor, and Katie was absolutely hilarious. Between me and Mika screaming our regrets as soon as the ride started, Angella going hysterical at the tied up bunnies on the ride, and the epic picture going down the last drop, Splash Mountain had to be one of the best highlights of the day. My face in that photo. I can’t even. I love rides and rollercoasters but as soon as I get on, I start freaking out. The anticipation kills me and I always build it up in my mind to be worse than it really is. Yes, even if I’ve ridden the ride a million times before. Then immediately after I am always down to do it again!