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How I Knew He Was “The One”

Mo Calderon
I’m the queen of nothing at all. He’s my king of nothing at all.

I’m the queen of nothing at all. He’s my king of nothing at all.

One of my coworkers recently asked me how I knew Brandon was the one and what it was about him that made me fall in love with him. I know we’re still newlyweds technically (we’ll be married two years in January) but it’s so easy to take the people you love for granted.

Reliving and retelling our story to my coworker reminded me to never take Brandon for granted and it reminded me to be grateful for every moment I get with him, good or bad. Life as of recently is reminding me every day to appreciate him every day.

Some Backstory

Brandon and I both came from pretty rough relationships before each other. He dated someone toxic who cut him off completely from his family among a lot of other things. I don’t want to air out his dirty laundry on the internet but to put things as simply as I can, all his friends and family say they “lost him” for years. They all say she had mental issues that she refused to get help for, leaving Brandon with the short end of the stick in that deal.

Before Brandon, I dated someone who had zero respect for me. He was a liar, an addict, a thief...the list goes on. I was bitter when we split but I can’t even lie — I’m a hopeless romantic at heart and I was still convinced that true love was out there somewhere.

When Brandon and I met I was looking for that kind of love. The kind of love that meant full respect and unwavering honesty. The kind of love like Snow White and Prince Charming had in Once Upon A Time. What I got was more than I thought I’d ever find.

The Shirt Off His Back

All my life I’ve heard people describe kind people as “so kind they would give you the shirt off their back.” Never have I ever experienced someone actually doing that—then Brandon came along.

It was the middle of December and I was cold because I had been trying to look cute (as one does) and I had on a short-sleeved skater dress. Did I mention it was mid-December? Granted, we live in Tucson but I had still underestimated how cold it would be that night.

After a night at a bar, Brandon noticed I was cold and he literally took his long sleeve thermal shirt off and gave it to me to wear. Granted, he was wearing a tank top undershirt thing underneath, but I had never in my life seen anyone literally give someone the shirt off their back. Sure, I’ve seen men give women their jacket before, but something about this gesture was just different. He may not have been naked underneath, but he literally gave me the shirt off his back.

I always thought that was just an expression. That was just something people said, not actually something people did. But Brandon…he was always just such a kind person. Not a standard-human-kindness type of kind. His kindness shocked and impressed me regularly. I admired it so much, and he continued showing me this over-the-top kindness one after the other.

The Motorcycle Wreck

Once, we were on the way to a bar with some friends from another restaurant in town. We were all somewhat following each other there, spread between two cars with Brandon on his motorcycle. He was driving in front of me, leading the way to the bar when all of a sudden he pulled the opposite direction we were all going.

There was a serious accident right in the middle of the intersection we had just turned right at. A car and a motorcycle had gotten into an accident and the motorcyclist and his bike were trapped under the car. A few minutes later I got a text from him saying he would catch up with us he had stopped to help out.

I asked him later if he stopped because he thought it might have been one of his motorcycle buddies but he said, “no.” He didn’t know the people in the accident or even suspect that it was someone he knew. He was just the kind of person who would stop for anyone in an accident because it was the right thing to do. He was the kind of person who stopped because he wanted to put good out into the world. Because he hoped that if the roles were reversed and that was his motorcycle under that truck, if that were him under there, that someone else would do the same.

There are so many other stories and reasons I could share that serve as examples of the kindness and chivalry Brandon showed me but a lot of them are private and not for the entire internet to see. So, I guess I’ll end it here. Maybe ask me sometime about Brandon’s chivalrous ways. Brandon can be a pain in the ass sometimes, but he’s my pain. I know there is no such thing as a perfect person but I do believe there is such a thing as a perfect match and I think I have found mine. He is the worst and the best and he is mine.