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Becca Be A Light Palette Honest Review

BeautyMo CalderonComment
BECCA Be A Light Palette Open

Disclaimer: I received this palette for free in a PR box. While I received this product for free, I was not paid any money to write this review. This post is NOT sponsored, and I was not required to post anything in exchange for this palette. In fact, I received it 4 months ago and this is the first time I’m talking about it.

I find the photos on BECCA’s website showing the models wearing this palette a little misleading


2.0 out of 5 stars
Price: Originally $49 (I received it for free)
Shade: Medium-Deep
Best for lighter-skin tones or those who like very subtle makeup
Pros: Big mirror, great packaging, easily blend-able
Cons: Lacking in color variety for skin tones, difficult to build up color

On the date this was published, this palette was on sale at various retailers including the BECCA website for $29

BECCA is a well-known brand in the beauty community famous for their glowing highlighters. They are generally higher priced with their best-selling pressed highlighter retailing for $38 a compact.

When I received this palette, I was ecstatic. After using it numerous times, I’m underwhelmed.

1st Impressions & Packaging

The chrome rose-gold packaging with embossed lettering is absolutely gorgeous. This palette’s aesthetics are 100% Instagram-worthy. It looks luxurious, feels luxurious, and has a large mirror to boot.

This thing is solid, and doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall apart on me. I’ve even dropped it a few times on my desk, counter etc. and it has not endured any damages.

When I first swatched this palette however, I was underwhelmed.

Formula, blendability

The formula is good, smooth, but nothing too impressive. The larger powders on opposite ends of the palette aren’t meant to be very pigmented and give very minimal product if you’re trying to be heavy-handed with it.

When swatching the brightening and blur powders (the two outside shades) I got barely any powder on my fingers with one normal swatch. To get the consistency seen on my arm in the photo, it took me about 5 regular swatches to build it up. Again. I KNOW that this powder is meant to be transparent.

Picking up minimal product means that these powders are good for people who tend to be heavy-handed, or prefer a very subtle look. It also means it’s great for those who aren’t great at blending.

As someone who enjoys heavy make-up this was more of a frustration for me.

Swatches of the BECCA Be A Light Palette in Medium-Deep

Color Choice & Color Payoff

As a woman of color who falls right in the awkward in-between shade of “darker than most people but still not as dark as makeup creators think I am” this palette gets an A for effort, but otherwise pretty much fails.

The contour color is not nearly dark enough to cover the broader range of people of color. If you refer to the swatches you can see that the bronzer (3rd color from the left) is pretty light. My arm inner arm is much lighter the rest of me, meaning on my face the bronzer is nearly invisible.

For reference I am an NC43 or NC44 in MAC, a W6 in L’Oreal True Match, and somewhere between shade 8 and 9 of the Milani Conceal and Perfect foundation.

Anyone darker than me will have a difficult time using anything but the blush in this palette, which, realistically is the only part of this palette I use.

The blur powder is a decent color match on my skin. It matches my inner arm so well, you can’t even see it really on the swatch. On my face however, it’s a tad light and gives me a pink-cast that isn’t great for my warm undertones.

The blush is the only pigmented thing in this palette, but if you’re looking for Instagram-worthy highlight shine this is not for you.

You’ll get a subtle (see how I’m using that word again) glow but nothing too intense.

I find the photos on BECCA’s website showing the models wearing this palette a little misleading. Maybe they’re using a glow-y primer or some other product because the palette alone does not yield the same results.

Left: Me attempting to do my usual face makeup with the Be A Light palette. Right: I wasn’t happy with the result of the palette so I used my usual bronzer and highlighter to fix my contour. Both look great, but I prefer a more chiseled look over the subtle look.

In conclusion…

Would I recommend this palette — Not necessarily.

If I’m imagining one of my good friends asking me how I feel about it I can hear myself saying, “Idk, I didn’t really like it because it wasn’t pigmented enough for me and the colors were too light for me. BUT you know I like to wear heavy makeup, so you might like it if you don’t want something too crazy. It’s not that it wasn’t good quality because it was — I just want something heavier.”

I’m glad I didn’t spend my money on this. If I had, I would have returned it. The only reason I don’t give this palette away to someone is because I love using it as a huge mirror.


Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner Review

BeautyMo CalderonComment
Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner set.


2.5 out of 5.0 stars
$3.99 each at Target
Best for dry hair types
Pleasant, typical “Dove” smell
Pros: Smells great, inexpensive, pretty packaging
Cons: Isn’t “weightless” like it claims, weighs hair down,

What initially made me check out the Dove Oxygen Moisture line was the packaging. I absolutely LOVE anything blue. It’s my favorite color (pretty obvi if you know me). I was at Target looking for a new shampoo because I didn’t like the one that I was using.

My old shampoo was a heavy moisturizing shampoo that was just weighing down my hair and making it feel really greasy now that I had cut of 8 inches of hair.

Dove’s product description says that it’s formulated with “Oxyfushion” technology that’s supposed to add volume to your hair. It’s also obviously a moisturizing shampoo that’s weightless.

Best suited for DRY hair (aka not me).

It’s moisturizing, for sure but I didn’t think it would be as moisturizing a sit is I guess. It’s a little too much for my hair and leaves my scalp really greasy and stringy looking at the top. I think regardless of if I still had my long hair with tons of split ends, it still would have been too much moisture on my scalp — At leasts as a set.

I would recommend the set for those with dry hair. It’s not working out too well for me.

if I were using the conditioner on its own and had chosen a different shampoo, I feel like it would work much better. The conditioner leaves my ends moisturized without making it feel like it’s covering my strands in a film. If we’re talking about what it’s doing for my hair from the ears down, it’s a definite love!

The shampoo doesn’t leave my hair feeling clean. almost immediately after my hair is dried, I feel like my scalp is greasy. By day two I’m drenching my scalp in dry shampoo. As someone who doesn’t wash her her often, I typically can reach day 3 before needing minimal dry shampoo. I wash my har usually about once or twice a week and this shampoo has drastically changed my hair routine.

Below is a photo fo my scalp the morning after washing my hair. I don’t know if you can tell in the picture, but it’s greasy. It’s not terrible but when you wash your hair at night, dry it, go to bed and wake up at 6 am to a greasy scalp, it’s clearly not working out well.

The Dove Oxygen Moisture shampoo left my scalp extra greasy the morning after washing my hair.

Where’s the volume?

I typically get a volumizing or clarifying shampoo with a moisturizing conditioner. I find that whenever I get a set it’s not giving me what I need. I always feel like I don’t have enough volume up top and not enough moisture down bottom. I think I’ll probably go back to doing that.

This line claimed to be moisturizing AND volumizing so I thought I was getting everything I needed. But it wasn’t what I was hoping for. I’ll probably keep the conditioner but get rid of the shampoo. Or, more likely, I’ll keep both in my guest bathroom for anyone who stays over (sorry future guests).

I really love Dove products though, so I’m hoping to find a shampoo by them that works for me! If you’ve tried this shampoo and had a different experience, let me know! I’d love to know how it worked out for someone with different type of hair!

Well. I need a new shampoo. Leave your shampoo recs below!


Biore Baking Soda Pore Cleanser Review

BeautyMo CalderonComment


$5.99 at Target
3.5 out of 5 stars
Best for combination or mildly to medium oily skin.
Texture is slightly grainy but not very abrasive.
Smell is “non-scented” with nothing really unpleasant.

I have combination skin but I tend not to use combination skin products. I’ve found that “normal” or “sensitive skin” formulas work really well with my skin. But, I’ve found myself with a little more excess oil on my forehead that I want lately so when I spotted this baking soda cleanser from Biore that said it was for combination skin, I wanted to give it a try.

Let’s jump right in.

Does it control oil?

Yes. Well…sort of. I felt like it really depended on what products I used after using the cleanser. Let me explain.

When I used my favorite matte-finish full-coverage foundation from Milani I had no problems. But, on the other hand, when if I used my favorite Bare Minerals tinted moisturizer after washing my face with this stuff by the end of the day I could literally moisturize the back of my hands with the forehead oil. No really. I’m serious.

BUT here’s the catch. I felt like the cleanser wasn’t necessarily NOT getting rid of the oils on my skin. I felt like it was getting rid of too much if that makes any sense. I don’t know if anyone else out there has experienced this, but I felt like I didn’t have enough oils for the cleanser to take away to leave my skin properly balanced. My theory is that my skin started overcompensating for the amount of oils that were being taken away because I noticed that instead of making the oil situation better, it actually kind of got WORSE over time until I figured out how to correct the situation.

How am I using the product now?

This product didn’t work super well with me “right out the box” so to speak. It took some trial and error, and mixing and matching to find out which products worked best with it.

I had been using the cleanser with a light, oil-free moisturizer meant for combination skin as that’s what I had been using previously and it was working fine. Once I started playing around I found out that when I used a heavier moisturizer in combination with this cleanser it worked out much better to balance out my skin! I know that it’s counter-intuitive but that’s seriously how I’ve been using it. 🤷🏾‍♀️

Will I repurchase?

No. Probably not. I found a way to make it work for me so I’ll continue to use it until it’s all gone, but in all honesty it’s not my favorite. If your heart is really set on it, I would say try it out, but I like to LOVE my skincare products and this one I can definitely pass on.

If you guys have tried this cleanser, did you get more oily like I did? Or did you have better luck?