Must Be Mo

Willy Wonka Girl of Pure Imagination


Hello, I’m Mo!

That’s baby me on the left, holding the toy camera that holds a little slideshow in it. My sister, on the right being her usual fancy self. We’re both grown adults now, living our lives but it seems like we always knew who we were from the very start.

To this day you can still always find me with a camera (or two…sometimes three 😅) on hand, hair in a slicked back pony tail, cheesin’ like the biggest fool.

Welcome to my site — a treasure box full of my favorite things: memories. It serves as a portfolio for my work, a photo album of my favorite snaps, and a diary of my thoughts. I aim for full transparency at all times and I’m not here to fool you. I’m here to show you who “Mo” really is. Welcome.

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